How you doin'?

The Girl Next Door

Smokey, Sweet, Pretty, Faithful! This is my Original sauce. I think of her as Sandy from Grease, gorgeous and true. This is the one you want to marry. I goes well with everything but my favorite is Brisket or Pulled Pork, my son LOVES it on Salmon!

Want to go to the Dance?

The Bad Boy

This is the guy with the Black Leather jacket. Think of Danny from Grease. Cool, a little dangerous but really a great guy. It won't hurt you heat wise, think of Black Pepper on Eggs. The flavor is enhanced with Chipotle, Adobo and Cayenne. Definitely a great date for Saturday Night.

Hey Baby! How you doin?

Chips or Whips?

Did you ever see Weird Science? This is Kelly LeBrock. Like John Cougar, It Hurts So Good! While it won't hospitalize you it will make your nose run. I've added as much Cayenne as I can with out stepping all over the flavor. you still get the phenomenal taste but with a little smack on the butt while your at it.

Bite Me!