You Deserve the Best!

Smokin' Bandit ORIGINAL BBQ Sauce is made with the finest ingredients we can find and cooked using candy making techniques to make this the BEST sauce in the world.  Want to order now?  Call me 405.657.4127

My Guarantee!


Smokey and Sweet!

One taste is all it will take for you to discover your new favorite Barbeque Sauce!

Smokin' Bandit Barbeque Sauce has a robust flavor that is addictive. We start with the finest ingredients and by applying techniques used by candy makers, we create a smooth, rich and savory sauce that will enhance almost any dish (ice cream might be and exception).

Try it with Salmon, Pork Shoulder or my favorite BRISKET!



Smokey, Sweet with a little Heat!

(Actually it's just WARM).

Chipotle and Black Pepper Are the major notes of this one.

Accidents happen and sometimes they're Happy.

While slaving in the kitchen to create a hot version of my Original Sauce I came up with this. I may have missed the mark on heat but (I hope) not on FLAVOR.  It's not going to hurt you but there is a little ZING to this one.


I care about one thing...FLAVOR! I am constantly trying to improve the quality of my products through sourcing the BEST ingredients, techniques and people I can find.  I think the results speak for themselves and I hope you agree.